About Christina

My name is Christina McTheny. I love to read and I am currently a high school graduate getting ready to move on to college to become an upper-class high school English teacher. I cosplay for conventions such as Otakon and Katsucon. My most famous outfit is my Belle dress from Disney's Beauty and the Beast.  I love The Legend of Zelda and have played almost all of the video games. I'm a musical addict and am often seen or heard singing songs randomly in the most random of places. I am a huge supernatural fan. #teamdean. I'm also a huge fan of Harry Potter, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Movies. Even though I'm 18 I still believe in magic and the power of believing. I don't believe in love, however. This blog will be a place for me to keep everything that I've read or am reading straight. If you have any recommendations of books for me to read, please feel free to get hold of me in one of the places listed below. :)

If you want to, you can find me on