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Soul Thief (Forbidden) by Jana Oliver

Soul Thief (Forbidden) by Jana Oliver


Soul Thief (The Demon Trappers #2) 

Pages: 324
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Release Date: August 30, 2011
Rating: 4.5/5

Riley is back, and has more problems than ever: her deal with Heaven, boys...Oh, and her father was ilegally reanimated by an unknown necro.

When we left off in The Demon Trapper's Daughter, Simon was gravely hurt, and Riley made a deal with Heaven so he will survive. Of course, this comes with a price.

Simon has changed, and not for the better. Who was once the kind, religeous <strike>freak</strike> boy, is now the self-righteous ass. He has it in his head that Riley and her father are in-line with Hell.

Even Harper thinks he's nuts.

Now, I wasn't a fan of Simon, even in the first book, so I'm happy this happened. Actually, his change made him more interesting to read about, and I was looking foward to his and Riley's encounters.

What I did't like was the new addition: Ori. Now, in the end, he is essential to the plot, but before then, I just found him to be just an add-on. A filler, if you will, until Riley ends up with who she's supposed to be with.

Ori was supposed to be drop-dead gorgeous, but I didn't see it. To me, he was just a stalker. Wherever Riley was, he'd show up. I dreaded every chapter with Ori.

We all know Beck is my favorite in this series. This may be because we get to get inside his head, like we do Riley.

In the first book, he was kick-ass. In the second, well, he's still kick-ass, but we also get to see some of his imperfections. Those imperfections make him even more charming and likeable (Did I just call Backwoods Boy charming?...Huh).

Again, my main problem with this was the font. It's tiny. I had no will to read it because of this. If it were bigger, I'd be more willing to fly through it.

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