Friday, January 18, 2013

The Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

The Perks of Being A Wallflower
Pages: 224

The main characters of this book are Sam, Charlie, and Patrick. The names have been changed for the discretion of the person who wrote these letters. This book is just a bunch of letters Charlie, a 16 year old boy, wrote to some random stranger he picked out of the phone book. Sam is the main girl whom Charlie is in love with. Patrick is the second main boy whom is gay, and then there's Charlie who is obviousley the main character of the whole book. 

The plot is that there really is no plot. It's much like Catcher In the Rye in that aspect. But this is way better because there's more depth to it. So I can't actually explain the plot.

This book massively made me think about life. Not in a big way but it made me think about the little things. Charlie notcied everything from the way people talked to the way they acted at a party. The little things made a difference to him and it made me think that maybe I should pay attention to how somebody sits in class, or how my best friend smiles, or how when somebody is angry I can cheer them up. Knowing something without really knowing. The little things were more important to Charlie than the big things. It was odd to me at first but at the end of the book I understood why he did it.

This book didn't take me very long to read, one, because it was very short, and two, because it was so good. This honestly is probably one of the best books that I think I've read, and that's wierd to me because it wasn't that flashy of a book. I definitely would only recommend this to people who are a little older because there are some things in this book that aren't appropriate for some people. 

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