Thursday, December 15, 2011

Skeleton Crew by Stephen King (#3)

Pages: 505

Word processor of the Gods:

This is a fantastic story about how a little boy named Jon created a word processor.  He gave it to his Uncle Richard for his birthday.  But his Uncle Richard found out that it was actually more than just a word processor.  Like if he typed in “I have a bag of coins” a bag of coins would magically appear on his floor when he pressed enter.  His nephew Jon and his sister-in-law Belinda, died in a car accident that his drunken brother caused, and in the end he wished for them to be alive again and his son and wife, not his brothers.’  This was an intriguing story because when it comes down to it he only had a few minutes left before the machine broke, he wished for love and happiness rather than riches, and fame like he originally was going to type in.  It basically came down to what people find most important to themselves.  It was a very good story.

The man Who Would Not Shake Hands:

This is about a man who would not shake hands (obviously).  Actually he wouldn’t touch any living creature, because if he did it killed them.  We found out why later in the story.  He was cursed by a man after his son was killed in his truck. That probably makes no sense to any of you. But hey, it’s a 16-page story, go read it for yourself! It was probably one of the best ones in this book.  Very well done.


I thought this was a dumb story actually.  No point whatsoever except to scratch your head and say to yourself “Now why did he write this again?”  Yeah, it was about a spacecraft carrying three men in it, 8,000 years in the future, that crashed on another planet covered in sand.  One of the three was killed and the other two decided to go check things out. Well they found it was just san and sand and even more sand.  One of the guys listened to it and became hypnotized, but the other one fought it.  Soon help came, but when they tried to get man #1 out he fought them, and they let him stay to die because he wouldn’t leave.  The other man was more than happy to get on their spaceship.  But when he got on a giant sand arm reached up and tried to grab him.  He got away, and so did the spacecraft.  Then Man #1 sat down and started to eat sand.  Yes, it is as dumb as you think. I have nothing else to say.

The Reaper’s Image:

This is a story about an ancient Elizabethan mirror that is said to bring destruction.  A man wants to buy it from an old antique shop, and when the shop owner tries to tell him that he shouldn’t, that bad things have happened because of it, the buyer refuses to believe him.  The story behind the mirror is that if anybody looks into it and sees the Reaper they’ll disappear without a trace.  This happened to several people.  The buyer laughed and looked into the mirror, he saw the Reaper and was filled with uncountable fear, he ran out of the room and down to the first floor to go to the bathroom, and the owner stood up on the second floor waiting, and waiting and waiting, but the buyer was gone, nowhere to be found.  This was an okay story, not much to think about, but it does bring up the thought of what EXACTLY do they see in the mirror, and where exactly o they go? But other than that it was a whatever story for me.


This is a story about a boy who runs away from college and meets a girl, Nona.  He meets her at a truck stop and she gets into his head and ends up making him kill several people, and go on the run.  A killing rampage.  Soon he finds himself alone in a graveyard, she had left him.  This story was told from his perspective after it had all happened.  He’s in jail.  In the end he’s preparing to kill himself because he can’t stand being without Nona whom everyone thinks he made up.  This was a really good story. It was gruesome, and sick, and everything that a Stephen King novel should be. Very good.

For Owen:

I don’t really know what to say about this story.  It’s a poem that King wrote for his son Owen. It was cute????

Survivor Type:

This is an amazing story; I love this one so much. It’s probably my favorite one out of this whole book.  It’s about a man who goes on a cruise and gets shipwrecked on an island by himself.  He has no food so when a seagull comes around he throws a rock at it and kills it.  He starts to go crazy when no more birds fly around, and in the end he goes cannibalistic and eats himself until he dies. It was so intense; this story was the best one EVER. Holy crap.  It’s freaking amazing. Love, love, love, love, love. <3

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