Thursday, December 15, 2011

Skeleton Crew by Stephen King (#2)

Pages: 505

Mrs. Todd’s Shortcut:

This was a story about a woman who lived her life trying to save time.  Finding as many shortcuts as she possibly could.  Till one day she just disappeared.  I honestly just thought that this was a pointless story.  This was the first story that I didn’t like that Stephen King wrote. I have nothing more to say about it.

The Jaunt:

The Jaunt is about a man telling his kids a story, and the story is about a man who created the first portal, to travel from one place to another.  This is actually a really hard story to explain, it’s one of those books that you just have to read it in order to get it.  This story shows just how mysterious the mind really is. And how seconds physically, could be an eternity mentally.

The Wedding Gig:

This was an interesting story on Revenge.  A 350 pound woman, is getting married to her 90 pound husband, they are ridiculed, and are the laughing stock of the town.  Her brother doesn’t like that so he kills anyone who laughs at her.  Soon the Greeks (a mafia) shoot him down, and the sister has a shocking rise to power, and kills anyone who wronged her or her brother and she becomes the most powerful and most feared person in the world.  It was a very good story, pointless, but good.  Moral: Don’t mess with the little guys because they’ll get you even though you least expect it.

Paranoid: A Chant:

This is about a schizophrenic man telling about his hardships and everything that people have done to wrong him.  It’s a 100-line poem and extremely hard to interpret.  I ended up, (after reading it 3 times) going online and looking up the meaning and plot of it.  When I knew what it was about I went back and read it for a fourth time.  The fourth time made the most sense to me.  I wouldn’t suggest this if A) you don’t like poetry or B) you have a hard time interpreting things.  But I thoroughly enjoyed it. Very well written Mr. King

The Raft:

This was a gruesome story about 4 teenagers who swim out to the raft that the owners of the beach have planted in the ocean, it was late October. Two boys, two girls.  But when they got there they noticed this black thing in the water.  It would catch them and painfully eat them alive, although they had no idea what it was r where it came from, and it didn’t seem to have a face.  One by one the thing killed them all off.  It wasn’t a very deep story, but it was really good. It reverted back to Kings’ normal way of writing.

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