Sunday, November 20, 2011

Crank by Ellen Hopkins

Crank by Ellen Hopkins

Pages: 544


This book was amazing. It actually made me stop and think to how vulnerable we, as humas really are.

The main character Kristina (Bree) is a confused, teenager who really just needs her mom to care for her, but knowing she can't get that, she turns to drugs.  She's very "out-there" for lack of a better term.  She knows how to put herself out there in order to get the things she wants. Kristina is the actually person, but Bree is the second person that she made up in order to give her that "bad-assed" image.  It's very similar to multiple-personalities. The other characters in this book aren't really the focus so we really don't learn about them, or see them very much.

The plot in this book is very obvious, very precise.  It's about a girl who goes to stay with her dad, and the "love of her life" (so she thinks) gets her addicted to Crank.  Leading her down the wrong path, he turns out to not be who she thought he was, and when she went back home she was still addicted.  She couldn't find the words to tell her mom, and they ended up finding out in the worst way. 

It took me like 3 hours to read this book because it's written in lyric so it only had an average of 30ish or 40ish words per page. I definitely recommend this book. It opened my eyes to just how dangerous the life of a teenager can be, in one aspect of things. I'm in the middle of reading Glass right now. :D

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