Friday, August 26, 2011

Demon Princess: Reign Check by Michelle Rowan

Nikki Donovan, Demon Princess, is back--and stuck in a love triangle that's straight out of hell!

Demon Princess: Reign Check by Michelle Rowan
Pages: 292
Publisher: Walker Books for Young Readers
Release Date: May 25, 2010
Rating: B

"Nikki Donovan has had a lot to deal with since learning she was half human, half demon. But things take a turn for the worse when Rhys, a gorgeous--but potentially dangerous--faery king enrolls at her school to investigate Nikki's potential of fulfilling an apocolyptic prophecy. Nikki knows she'd never turn violent, and she certainly couldn't destroy the world...could she?

"Of course, all Nikki wants is to be reunited with Michael, a Shadow creature whos status as her personal servant is further complicated by their undeniable attraction to each other. Even though the rules of the Shadowlands strictly forbid their romance, Nikki is determined not to let Michael go. But when she is summoned to the Underworld to appear before a demon council, it will take all her courage--and perhaps a bit of her demon strength--to get herself out again."


I think after having such a rough time with Reign or Shine, I was just not motivated to read this one. Though, I do have to say this one impressed me.

Remember that my one major issue with Reign or Shine was our Shadow/Prince/Servant/Thing, Michael. Well, he actually showed he had a backbone in this book! Again, he was kind of stupid (even he admits to it), but he was an idiot with a backbone. I mean, I guess I'd be a bit of a twit if I was stuck in a castle all my life.

So, yeah, respect for Michael went up a bit. Yay.

In this book, there were a lot more things going on (all of which are spoilers, so it's on the hush-hush), unlike in the first book where it was, more or less, Nikki getting used to her demonic self.

In Reign Check, there is a love-triangle introduced, the new addition being none other than King Rhys Oberon. Rhys was told by his advisors to go and keep watch on Nikki to make sure she isn't a threat to Faeryland. In doing so, he wreaks havoc on Erin Heights High...Only, not really. He was fairly harmless.

Rhys was by far my favorite character in the book. He was witty, sarcastic, and not a freaking moron. Not to mention he is super sexy. Sorry, Michael, but I do not like guys who sport shoulder-length, black hair.

Then, of course, there was Nikki. I will admit, the whole "I miss Michael" thing was getting quite irritating, but I have learned to accept that trait in the Young Adult community. I will also let it go because she still maintained her strong character. She rational, unlike a lot of heroines these days. Thank you, Nikki, for being smart.

The one problem I had with this is that is was, again, so horribly predictable. I was guessing on some of my predictions, and they all wound up happening. Like, really?

I'm surprised I liked this book as much as I did, with all the facepalms I got from the first book. I am left giving this book and 4/5 stars.

Note: There's seriously two more books coming out on this series? Kill me!

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