Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hamlet by Shakespeare

Hamlet by Shakespeare
Pages: 287

Hamlet is a very interesting book, slow at first but after the killings and plots start it picks up greatly. I would not recommend this book to just everybody because it is very hard to comprehend and understand what's going on at some points just because the language is different than we are used to speaking.

The main character Hamlet is after revenge for the murder of his father. He's kind of stupid if you ask me because he made everything harder than it really could have been and he didn't have to die in the end.
Claudius is Hamlet's Uncle/stepfather. Weird I know. He's also kind of annoying because he is to obvious with his plots.
Polonius is Claudius's best friend/advisor person. I just want to hit him because he talks way to much and he tries to act smart and make something that should have only been 5 words 50 words.
Laertes is Polonius's son. He's not there through most of the book, but he seems like a very loyal brother and son. But he likes ot have to much "fun"
Ophelia is Polonius's daughter and she is to gullible. She believes everything. And she cries to much.

The plot of the book is Hamlet's father was murdered and it's all about revenge and getting back at the people who hurt you. It takes a bunch of twists and turns and it's very ironic how the ending turns out. I won't spoil it for you though. :)

This book took me a while to read considering I read it in school with my english class and we had to keep stopping and explaining everything to some people. But if I had read it on my own it would have probably taken me about four days because of the contained material. I would have had to go on spark notes. xD
I would not recommend this book for everyone because it is a very hard read and not everybody can comprehend it.

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